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It's about Designing Activities


New Work.



With our approach About Designing Activities we put your work processes at the center of our design process and make your rooms fit for true co-working and agile work.


Each company has its own culture and language, each team brings their own wishes and requirements. We look closely and create efficient, flexible and inspiring space concepts to give your office a distinctive DNA.





Who we are

We are a group of inspired people. Inspired by the idea of ​​creating new working environments in which everyone can feel comfortable; Places made for seniors and juniors, creative-types and the very focused, settled and freelancers, wild ones and in-depth relaxers, thought-leaders and all-rounders, city dwellers and country seekers.

Not without a hidden agenda. Every part of our design processes contains a wealth of knowledge about current working methods, agile working, ergonomics, work guidelines and the major and minor trends in work research. This is important to us and differentiates us from others.

Complex thins uncomplicated accomplished. An office extension is real co-working. It binds time and resources, with everyone involved. We stand for a productive, uncomplicated and purposeful cooperation with our clients.

Ines E. Lege

Diplom Architektin


Director Art and Planning

Michaela Apfler

B.Sc. Architektur

Creation and Planning

Maik Marten

Diplom Kaufmann


Managing Director and Consulting

Margrit Barner

M.Sc. Architektur

Creation and Planning


Which benefits

do you get with

New Work?

Workshop Introduction New Work

For those of you who are not yet sure whether a new office concept brings the expected benefits to your business, we would like to warmly recommend our half-day New Work workshop. In it, we share with you our experience in the design and the implementation of office concepts, which we have been able to collect from our clients. This allows us to give you the first input to the specific needs of your company. Issues such as the spatial and temporal flexibility of work, the optimal communication in the room and the big and small trends in the labour science, will also be considered.


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What stands behind "New Work"?

What needs and demands do

today's knowledge workers place in their workplace?

How are new working environments created?


In our blog "Behind" we address these questions and look behind the scenes of future jobs. We also show current projects in their development phase.